Do you notice yourself having sugar cravings often or are always hungry and tired? Is your urine yellow, do you have bad breath, dry mouth or swollen tongue? If any of these answers are yes, there is a good chance that you are dehydrated. More severe symptoms usually include, dizziness, heart palpitations, migraines, confusion, and fainting. Most of us don’t realize that we do not drink the adequate amounts of water. 

Water is essential for our bodies to work properly. Where the human body can go a month without food, it can only go a week without water before it shuts down. Did you know that 60% of our bodies is water? According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain is made up of 73% water, our lungs are 83%, skin 64% , muscles, kidneys 79% and bones 31%.

Some of the key roles of water in the human body include: regulating body temperature, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushioning joints, protecting organs and tissues, and removing wastes.

I know everyone knows water is extremely important already. So, why am I telling you all this? It’s because most of time, the symptoms we are having like bloating, dry skin, fatigue, etc… are symptoms that can easily be fixed by simply getting more water. Yet, we don’t. I get it, its not always easy to drink water. I have that problem myself. You don’t always have to drink straight water to stay hydrated. You can get water, through food, drinks or simply doing less of the things that are making you dehydrated like drinking coffee, soda, alcohol or salt. In addition, being conscious to drink more when exercising, out under the sun, in high altitudes, or under stressful situations, can make a big impact on your health. 

Here are some tips to staying hydrated:

Incorporating these tips into your daily routine can have great impact on your overall health and state of mind. You might see miracles! Try making some small changes at home and when heading out, carry water with you or consume foods and beverages that are hydrating. Restaurants like Grater Greens are amazing in helping you stay healthy and hydrated at the same time! 

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