Spring is coming and its time for a fresh new beginning. No doubt, it has been a difficult year for everyone and winter does not make it easier with shorter, darker days and weather that forces us indoors for longer periods of time. Well, luckily Spring is coming just in time!  We can look forward to:

Spring is a time of hope, rebirth and renewal. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth. It’s a perfect time for us to evaluate the last year and set our intentions to start fresh, with new goals and new found energy. So, as we begin Spring, ask yourself, how can we take advantage of what the universe is providing us to set forth  a plan for our own new beginnings? 

Regardless of your personal goals, here are some tips to help you recharge and help you achieve whatever you set out to do:

With extra daylight, you now have extra time to get in some more Vitamin D. Spending more time outdoors will automatically help elevate your mood and provide you with much needed sunlight you have been deprived of during the Winter. 

Taking advantage of the outdoors, also means getting out to exercise. We have all been forced in doors for quite a while and although its great to exercise indoors, there is nothing better than heading outside to exercise and take in the fresh air. Moving outside allows for us to connect to nature and inspires us to create momentum and inspiration for our new beginnings. 

Spring is also a time to create a healthier environment within our home. With warmer temperatures, we can now open windows, let fresh air and sunshine in and declutter our homes. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to get rid of the old, evaluate what bring us joy, and let go of what does not. When we clean or remove clutter in our lives, we allow for space for new things to come into our lives. In addition, the cleaning of our home, allows for our mental space to be more organized and productive as well. 

This “de-cluttering”  in our lives can also be applied to relationships that do not serve us in a positive way. When we are consumed with negative energy from other people, not only is our own energy drained and affected, but we do not have space for positive energy to come our way. It is important that we create space for positivity and joy so that we can succeed in our new goals. 

Finally, Spring is a perfect opportunity to get away from winter comforting high fat/carb foods and into a much lighter and fresher diet.  Your body’s natural cravings, will more than likely have you eating less so take advantage and focus on getting healthier eating whole fresh foods.  Swap out  heavier foods for more greens, salads, or fish. 

A perfect way to achieve all of the above is reconnecting with someone that you love to spend time with, head out outside for some Vitamin D and grab lunch at a healthy restaurant that serves fresh whole foods like Grater Greens. Its a perfect way to start Spring and start your new beginnings! 

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