By Fatima Costalaurent
Certified IIN Health Coach and EWC Herbalist

Have you seen Avengers Endgame? In one of the final scenes all the female superheroes come to the front and deliver the final blast that wins the battle. I always get chills when I watch it… In August, we celebrate National Women’s Day, yet we see a disconnect from the Divine feminine in men and women alike. You can embody feminine energy without being a woman. However, in our modern day world, feminine is not what everybody wants to be. The feminine is considered weak and undesirable. Before I go any further, please pause, look inside, notice both the feminine and masculine in you, regardless of your gender or orientation. Notice which parts of you feel uncomfortable acknowledging your feminine side, how do you quiet it? When do you negate it’s existence? Where does the masculine become more evident? Does it feel better for you? Is it a societal thing?  Masculine might appear as the need to succeed, your drive to achieve, your being active (physically or mentally), the sunshine, your positive attitude, insomnia, digestive upset, powerful muscles, competitiveness, talkativeness, extroversion and even dry skin. While the feminine is more easy going, relaxed, cool and level headed, introspective, intuitive, creative, patient, peaceful, restful, harmonious, soft, hydrated, nurturing and healing. We all possess these characteristics to some degree. Neither is better than the other. We are all a whole, a micro cosmos, a union of Yin and Yang from the moment we were created. One needs the other and none can exist without its complement. So, why are we so disconnected from our wholeness? Our world is clearly dominated by the divine Masculine, we live on the move constantly, always trying to achieve more, to go further, faster, bigger, tougher, to win and gain power. We’ve forgotten how to look inside, slow down and think it through, how to respond instead of reacting. We have negated that essential half of everything in and around us, hence the current state of our planet: its hot, worn out, angry, aggressive and drying out. And our societies follow suit, conflict and disease ridden, tense, competitive with no space for compassion, healing and nurturing. We must understand that Feminine energy is NOT weak, it’s softer, it’s a power that arises from stillness, it’s a quiet calm strength that permeates, without forcing or pushing. The divine feminine is powerful by being, not doing. By embracing the divine feminine energy, regardless of gender, we will find values that greatly enhance our life experience and that of those around us. We all need this connection desperately.

Some ways to reconnect with that beautiful energy are:

  1. Spend time in nature. Mother Nature is the ultimate archetype of the Mother and the divine feminine. Let’s acknowledge the intersectionality of our existence and be what we are: Nature. And as a bonus we will have better Blood pressure regulation, lower Cortisol levels (stress hormone), balanced hormones and improved immunity.
  2. Get proper sleep and learn to stop and rest. Our constant go-go culture is driving our collective health to the ground, with all sorts of chronic and degenerative diseases. When you sleep well, your body can do it’s housekeeping and your health soars. Learn to pause and rest. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, we all have 5 minutes to stop, breathe, relax and regroup before we keep moving.
  3. Be gentle towards yourself and others. Be mindful of the ways you speak to yourself, are they life enhancing? Are they uplifting? Pretend you are your best friend and only treat yourself like you would treat them. Smile more, to yourself and those you encounter throughout your day.
  4. Practice sitting in stillness, again, we all have 5 minutes throughout our day to turn everything off and be quiet. In stillness we find ourselves, our creativity and our intuition, all valuable sources of life enhancing power. We can be and do more when we are still inside.
  5. Embrace sustainability. This is an obligation to all human beings. We MUST care for our Mother planet, before it is too late. Eat local, whenever possible organic and seasonal. Walk more and drive less. Reuse, recycle, upcycle. Vote with your paycheck, change can be driven in this powerful yet peaceful way. Hello Feminine!
  6. Grow a garden or maybe just try nurturing a plant.
  7. Get involved with your community, collaborate and be compassionate towards fellow human beings.

And as women, let’s teach our children to value the feminine. Let’s remove the stereotypes of weakness. No more “you run like a girl” type comments and attitudes allowed. Let’s stop trying to be smaller framed men. We are Women in all our splendor and power, not competing for a throne, there is room for the Queen and the King, for the God and the Godess. There is a great deal of power that comes from embodying our whole being. As women, let’s stand united against injustice, uplift and support one another. We need not fight amongst ourselves, the male energy or the patriarchy, to shift the world’s energy. We just need to embody ourselves, that which we are meant to be, and our steady power will trickle like water into all aspects of society. Long lasting change comes from within, the rest is just temporary, it lasts until the next challenger arrives.

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